New Research Says ‘C’ Marks the Spot When It Comes to Orgasms


When it comes to the alphabet of sex, perhaps our spot doesn’t start with a “G.” According to researcher Dr. Susan Oakley, the level of orgasms achieved by women depends on the size of the clitoris–one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The study–recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine–found that women who had trouble achieving orgasm also had smaller clitorises that were farther from the vagina.

“Women with orgasm problems tended to prefer the missionary position, whereas women with normal orgasm patterns favored being on top of their partner, in a position that provides more contact with the clitoris during the intercourse. These women, not only they have that closer distance between the clitoris and the vagina, but [also] they are using it to their advantage by taking the female dominant position.”

Oakley goes on to call the mysterious phenomenon a case of whether it’s “the chicken or the egg;”–in other words, does the size of your clitoris give you more orgasms or vice versa?

Either way, it looks like the often-mentioned “G-spot” holds a lot less importance when it comes to the vertical tango.

Photo Credit: Getty Images