New Video: Mariah Carey- ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’


Trey Songz and Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s the latest celeb to catch jungle fever in her newest music video “You’re Mine”. Portraying a pixie, with gold wings to match, the married singer headed to Puerto Rico where she shot this rainforest induced Valentine’s Day anthem. Nearly nude, the diva sits perched on a bed of rocks in one scene and at a waterfall in the next, all while she praises her lover.

The man in question for the video is Trey Songz. The musical legend enlist Songz as the object of her affection–for obvious reasons–as he appears in the video and remix of this song. Juxtaposing her forest theme with his shirtless, bed sheets, and photo shoot setting, the two never interact, but make good visuals together.