Nicki Minaj Apologizes For Malcolm X Photo During HOT97 Interview


Nicki Minaj is not out to offend anyone. She may be wild but in her heart, the Queen Barb only wants to spread positive vibes. So when her Twitter timeline was filled with negative reactions to a image she posted of her new track title, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga,” layed over the powerful image of Malcolm peering outside the window with a loaded gun in his hand.

Almost instantly, she was blasted on social media by a number of different groups and concerned citizens. She let the people talk for a while , but fired back on Instagram earlier today. To back that up, Minaj called into Angie Martinez today to speak on the matter. During their conversation, Nicki did apologize for offending people but made it clear that she didn’t mean to disrespect the African American leader.

Listen to the full interview below.