Nicki Minaj’s Lyrical History Of Motherhood: Top 8 Verses


Earlier this year, silly rumors circulated about Nicki Minaj conceiving a love-child with her mentor Lil Wayne, which one would beg to ask: Why? Her hands are full enough as it is. Seriously, it almost seems as if the queen of Queens will soon be in the business of foster-care with all the sons she’s been birthing through her career thus far. In awareness of her endless competition with Octomom, let’s take a look at the Young Money brethren’s sassy claim to her diverse group of children.

1. “All these Bitches is my sons and I’m gonna get some bibs for ‘em”
“All these bitches is my sons, and I ain’t talking ’bout Phoenix
“You ain’t my son, you my mothafuckin’ step-son”

Nicki introduced us to her nurturing side on her Pink Friday single “Did It On ‘Em.” Back when Greek mythological babies were all in vogue. Hear her talk the talk:

2. “Girls is my sons, carried them for eight months, and yes you’re premature”
“She my son, yeah, but I ain’t raise her!”

The starship queen partnered with Cassie on the duet “The Boys,” only to break some not-so-good news to her seeds. Watch the cartoonish spectacle:

3. “These hoes my sons/I’m Papa, though”
“You my son, son, prodigal/And you adopted, not even biological”

And while Nicki got together with Tyga on the witty “I Endorse These Strippers,” she certainly has never endorsed any of her sons, as heard in the song itself:

4. “Hoes is my sons/Birth control, I’m on the pill”
“All these bitches my sons, but who’s the daddy?”

In the same breath, Ms. Minaj and songstress Ciara expressed how official they were on their collabo “I’m Legit,” in which Nicki explains why her sons aren’t too legit. Hear Nicki plead her case in the party banger: