Nike Unveils New ‘Access Code’ System


Nike has announced a new buying system for anxious sneakerheads. Under the moniker “Nike Access Codes,” the powerhouse shoe company has unveiled a system to give customers the opportunity to purchase kicks via exclusive access codes.

In a statement on Nike’s website, the company laid out the upcoming process:

The Nike Access codes will be specific to each lucky user, non-transferable, and will not guarantee that the user gets the shoe, but that the user gets access to where the shoe is being sold. Sneaker aficionados have speculated what the parameters on Nike’s “select customers” phrase means, citing that it may be a way for the company to target a more sophisticated demographic.

With today’s anticipated release of the Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” sneakers (which has already sold out online), sneakerheads have also questioned whether Nike Access Codes will be given to customers for this shoe.

No further details were given via the Nike Store Twitter account.