Odd Future Banned From New Zealand


This is a head scratcher. Odd Future was scheduled to perform with Eminem in New Zealand yesterday, but they were denied entry at the border. AP reports that officials claim Odd Future is “a threat to public order” and cited a 2011 riot at a Boston in-store Odd Future signing to support that assertion. Border Operations Manager Karen Urwin said it wasn’t a decision that officials take lightly or make often, and that it’s not the group’s lyrics that have kept them from entering the country. She also said that New Zealand usually bars entry to groups like white supremacists and high-profile Holocaust deniers. Some company for a bunch of kids who make music. Back in 2011, Odd Future faced similar difficulties in Auckland after the City Council cancelled a performance at the Big Day Out Festival after one local woman wrote in to complain. Imagine some shit like that happening in the U.S. We feel bad for the OF kids, but at least it’s kind of bad ass. — Max Weinstein