Papoose Gets A Tattoo Of Remy Ma


Since going away to prison in 2007, Remy Ma has had the loyalty of her then-boyfriend, now husband Papoose. With constant reminders of her scheduled release date, the Brooklyn rapper has been holding his Terror Squad rapstress down, and his latest show of affection is in the form of ink.

Papoose took to his Instagram to share a portrait tattoo — done by Black Ink’s Kelvin Cepeda — on his forearm of Remy Ma. In the shape of a Remy Martin bottle, the portrait features Remy with her signature blonde bangs, holding a microphone. Underneath the portrait reads a “REMY MACKIE” label on the bottle, featuring Papoose’s last name.

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Suggesting that Remy had no idea he would be getting his new ink, the caption read, “Surprised Remy with my new tattoo!!!!” Just a week prior to get his wife’s face on his arm, Papoose visited her for Valentine’s Day.

Remy Ma is expected to be released from prison on July 30.

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