Pharrell Gives Fan A ‘Priceless’ Surprise In New MasterCard Ad


In a new MasterCard ad, one lucky fan of Pharrell Williams get the surprise of a lifetime. She gets to meet the man himself without any prior knowledge of his coming. And Pharrell was delighted at the chance to catch her in a moment.

“I’m happy to do it because it’s priceless when you can see the joy in the eyes of the person that’s being surprised.”

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The woman, whose name is Queen, was running a playgroup in the UK, dancing with the children to Pharrell’s gleeful hit, “Happy,” when the singer/rapper/producer appeared and began to dance along with them. Barely containing herself, Queen continued to dance with Pharrell for a few moments before he thanked her for the experience.

“This song was meant for people like yourself. To keep you, keep me, keep them, keep us all going. And you’re absolutely carrying the torch for the impetus of the record. And this is priceless, what you do, the way you inspire these children. So thank you very much.

Watch Pharrell give one of his fans a “priceless” moment in the video above.