10 Tattoos Drake Might Get Next


Is it just us, or does it feel like Drake has the most random tattoos ever? To be fair, lots of rappers (ahemLil Wayneahem) have way more random ink than Drake does. But because he has them spread out all over his body—and because he only has 10 of them now—they look random. There’s an OVO owl on his back right above a portrait of his mother’s face. There’s a picture of a songbird above a portrait of Aaliyah. There’s a tiny Houston star on his shoulder and the numbers “416” (Drake’s old area code in Toronto) on his side.

Most recently, Drizzy added an image of his dad’s old mugshot to his arm. There’s a story behind each tat, but that doesn’t make them any less random, especially when you look at how they’re positioned. Drake seems to have developed a bit of an obsession with tattoos, too. Most of the ones he has now were done within the past year or two and this stuff is addicting. Here, some predictions on what else Drake might get tatted on his body.