Premiere: Nova Rockafeller’s Nostalgic ‘1990s’ Video Makes Us Feel Old


Newcomer Nova Rockafeller waxes nostalgic in the lyric video for her song “1990s,” evoking memories of our favorite decades’ greatest cliches. From pagers and house phones to Saved By The Bell and Mortal Kombat, the rock singer covers it all.

“I’ve been writing, directing and working on music videos for over two years but nobody on my team trusts me to shoot my music videos,” says the Canada-born 90s baby of her creative visual for the first single from her upcoming EP.

“So I set up a green screen in my house and then designed a lot of the backgrounds and pixel art and placed them in as layers in Adobe Premiere,” she continues. “I had my mother mail me VHS tapes of my childhood and downloaded gif backgrounds of all the best Mortal Kombat levels… There was a ridiculous amount of video editing and I never want to do it again. I will probably do it again. Fuck.”

Take a stroll down memory lane with Nova above.

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