Premiere: Seinabo Sey “Younger” (Tiedye Remix)


Swedish vocal powerhouse Seinabo Sey is laying the foundation for a new breed of sound, which can best be described as lively modern pop with soul. The 23-year-old’s “Younger” has risen to the top of Hype Machine twice and the video has garnered over 100 thousand plays on YouTube in three weeks since its release.

Seinabo’s voice is chilling and pulls you into a harmonious and emotional trance as the songbird pierces the air to a steady drum machine. She’s an artist to watch who’s music can make you dance and cry – the stuff of which, truly talented artists are made.

Listen to the premiere of Seinabo Sey’s “Younger” (Tiedye Remix), where the remixer removes large portions of the lyrics and goes heavier on drums for an upbeat edit.

Watch the original via the music video below: