#FactsOnly Quiz: Did These Racist Moments Really Happen In America?


Still think we’re a post-racial nation? Guess which of these incredulous incidents really happened somewhere in America

1) Two parents filed a human rights complaint against a school system after their daughter was forced to partake in a slavery reenactment on a class trip.

2) An undercover 5-0 racially profiled a 19-year-old black student who’d just purchased a belt at Barneys.

3) A white male in a KKK hood was detained for crashing an NAACP meeting and hurling N-bombs.

4) A Red Lobster waitress scored a $10,000 payday after a patron left a racial slur as a tip.

5) For Halloween, three white men in Chicago dressed as the Asian passengers who died in the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that crashed earlier this year.

6) A group of white teens in Minnesota spray-painted a caricature of President Obama as a monkey on the side of their school building.

7) A Georgia high school threw its first-ever racially integrated prom after years of hosting separate proms for black and white students.

8) Chick-fil-A was forced to apologize for tweeting a joke about black people flocking to their “yummy” chicken sandwiches.

9) A Starbucks customer filed a lawsuit against the coffee titans when a barista wrote “Nigger” on her cup.

10) After being involved in a car accident, a black woman in Detroit rang a nearby doorbell for help and was shot in the head.


Photo Credit: kanyewest.com