Read The Controversial Lyrics To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Looking Ass Niggas’


Feminism is the new black. If Beyonce’s powerful, sexually liberated visual album didn’t convince you, then Nicki Minaj’s new song for “Lookin Ass Nigga” certainly drives the point home. In the new single from Young Money’s upcoming compilation LP, Rise of an Empire (due March 11), the queen of Queens updates TLC’s “No Scrubs” gripes from 1999, in a vulgar, yet insanely dope manner. Dodge the (disappointing) 42 N-bombs and check out Barbie’s brash barbs below—you just might fit the description, bro. Smh. —John Kennedy

Look at y’all niggas
Look at y’all niggas

Verse 1
Look at y’all smokin’-ass niggas/After every pull, niggas start chokin’-ass niggas
Look at y’all bitch-ass niggas/Stop-lyin’-on-your-dick-ass niggas
Look at y’all lookin’-ass niggas/Stop-lookin’-at-my-ass-ass niggas
Look at y’all lyin’-ass niggas/Talkin’ ’bout “It’s paid off” but it’s financed/lyin’-ass nigga
Bunch of non-mogul-ass niggas/Frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost Mobile-ass nigga
Nigga, nigga, look at y’all
Can’t get a job so you plottin’, how-to-rob-ass niggas
I ain’t gotta check for y’all/But if I’ma check for y’all/I’ma need a check from y’all niggas
I ‘on’t want sex/give a fuck about your ex/I ‘on’t even want a text/from y’all niggas
I’m rapin’ you niggas/Look at this pic, look what the fuck I gave to you niggas
Ain’t feelin’ these niggas/Niggas want my time, call me Clinton, I’m billin’ these niggas

All I know is there should be no reason
All I know is there should be no reason
All I, all I know is there should be
All I know
All I, all I know is there should be no reason
All I know, you know it, and you know it
Look at what, reason

Verse 2:
Look at y’all sharin’ one bottle in the club/One-bottle-full-of-bub’-ass niggas
Look at y’all not-havin’-game-ass niggas/Y’all niggas share-a-chain-ass niggas
Same-cup-in-the-hand-ass nigga/In the club with a credit card scam-ass nigga
No-dick-in-the-pants-ass nigga/I be damned if I fuck a non-man-ass nigga
I will, I will, I will never fuck a non-man-ass nigga
I would never lie/Even if that nigga flew me and my bitches all the way to Dubai
Pussy, you tried/pussy-ass nigga you lie/Pussy-ass nigga, you high
Bitch I’m ME/hundred on the wrist, I ski/Art on the wall, Basqui/fuck pussy
Look at you fake dope dealers/Know real niggas that be movin’ weight in them villas
Talkin’ ’bout ki’s, say it’s ki’s in the van/But he really move grams/and he split it with his mans