Regina Hall Recalls Filming ‘About Last Night’ Sex Scenes w/ Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend On Set [Video]


Regina Hall 'About Last Night'

Anyone who’s seen About Last Night can’t deny the chemistry between Regina Hall and Kevin Hart. As “Bernie” and “Joan,” the comedic actors make their character’s dysfunction interesting and hilarious to watch, even in what some may call awkward sex scenes. During a recent visit to Arsenio, the Best Man Holiday actress dished on undressing with Hart behind the scenes.

“It’s always a little awkward ‘cuz you don’t have your clothes on. Kevin called my breast sandbags. He said, ‘Somebody give Regina something to cover up her little sandbags.’ No, they’re fine. They’re petite so they don’t have low to go. You know what I mean?,” said Regina.

She also said that although Kev’s longtime girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, was often on set, the comedian still made filming sex scenes “comfortable.”

“You know… it was the first day of shooting so we had the sex scenes. But I know Kevin. You know so his girlfriend was there, which I don’t know if that makes it more or less awkward but she’s really sweet, but you know you’re naked,” says the scene-stealing actress.  “I mean not naked, you have the little covers and the little pasties. [Laughs], if someone wants to blow on them. But you know it’s ummm, we were comfortable. I mean you know, as comfortable as you can be. ‘Cuz Kevin’s like, a brother.”

Check out the entire interview below and click here to see how the Will Packer-produced flick did in the box office.


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