10 Things Remy Ma Needs To Do Post-Prison


Remy Ma is coming home. Although we’re still not sure about her exact release date from prison, Papoose had a concert (you read correctly) last week, during which he announced that his wife, who’s been behind bars since 2008, is scheduled to come home in July. So barring any unforeseen circumstances—stay out of trouble, Remy!—the former Terror Squad rapper will be back on the rap scene within the next six months or so.

The world she’s coming back to is much, much different than the one she left when she went to prison back in ’08, though. For instance, things like Facebook and Twitter were still in their infancy stages back then. Nicki Minaj was still just some chick trying to make a name for herself on the mixtape scene. And mixtapes themselves were still seen as an optional way of distributing music for many rappers (which is obviously not the case anymore). So if Remy plans on making a triumphant return to the rap game later this year, she’ll have to get with the new program. Quickly. To help her out, we’ve come up with a checklist of 10 things Remy Ma needs to do when she gets released from prison.