Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Released In April


Backed by the Barcelona Opera Chamber Orchestra, Samsung unveiled its latest version of their Samsung smartphone — the Galaxy S5. With technology connoisseurs making Barcelona, Spain their home this week for the Mobile World Congress Convention, attendees have been treated to keynote speakers, exclusive reveals, and new technology that will help improve the tech world.

The iPhone’s biggest rival is the new S5. It has a battery life that supports ten hours of web browsing and up to twelve hours of video playback. The camera has an auto focus of 0.3 seconds, making it the quickest function of any smartphone. The fingerprint-recognizing phone has a 5.1-inch full HD screen which adjusts according to the amount of outdoor light to help the screen be more easy on the eyes. And to add to the advanced new device, Samsung also reported that the phone is water and dust resistant.

You won’t have to wait too long to get you fingers on one. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available globally in April.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/David Ramos