See Which DJs Are Banned From New Vegas Nightspot

The likes of Deadmau5 and David Guetta are banned – well, at least their music is – from a Las Vegas’s after hours club who set forth some pretty strict playlist guidelines for any hired DJ spinning after 3 a.m. on Saturday. AFTER, the club, also prohibits any hip-hop, trap or dubstep to be played, as well as any pre-mixed sets or those mixed internally on the Serato.

Check out the full list above, and if you think this is a joke then you’re sadly mistaken. The club’s marketing director, Mira, has confirmed with WhiteRaverRafting that the “DJ Rules AFTER 3AM” document was created by AFTER Managing Partner Thom Svast. “Yes, they are real (with a sense of dry humor of course), and they will be posted in our DJ booth, starting with our grand opening,” Mira told WRR.

AFTER’s grand opening took place Saturday night (February 1), and if this sounds like your kinda place then head over the AFTER website for times and tickets. All locals and ladies will receive free entry, with a $20 rate for non local males. Tough break fellas!