Show Review: Markus Schulz Spins The Marathon Set


Markus Schulz has been one of the most enthusiastic and crowd-loving DJs to hit NYC with an open-to-close set since the likes of Danny Tenaglia or Max Graham.

Most performers take a venue gig and let their opener groom the crowd for the headlining act as well as hand over the tables to a closer. This past Saturday at the gargantuan Pacha NYC, Schulz put on an epic performance with an (almost!) over the top 10.5 hour set highlighting his most recent album Scream 2, out February 21 on Armada.

Entering the booth slightly after 10pm to a already-crowded dance floor, it was certainly one of the earlier nights for Pacha to start packing in the people. Almost immediately, the main dance floor was completely packed with dedicated Schulz heads ready to rage on through until he packed up his gear and punched out at around 8:30am.

As the night progressed, Schulz proved that he is no stranger to the rare yet infamously tantalizing open to close performance. Having performed marathon sets all over the world, he has over the years become the go-to DJ if you’re yearning for more than the average three-hour set from your favorite artists, preceded by DJ “What’s his name?” and closed out by, DJ “I don’t know, I left after the headliner.” Message boards and social media hubs know this DJ’s name as posts labeled with hashtags such as #schulz #MarkusSchulz #schulzarmy, boasted rave reviews of the show by ravers who stuck it out until the early morning.

If you stayed long enough (approx.: 7:55 am) to capture the ONE hiccup in Schulz’s set, you’d know he probably did it on purpose; apologizing, (almost on cue) he was simply proving to his army of fans that was spinning and mixing llive for the entire night. Markus Schulz laid down an epic performance that has been a testament to the long lost open to close set, a truly forgotten art in this now lax and lacking world of the mainstream “Three Hour DJ.”