Show Review: Skrillex Drops Bass Down In Brooklyn


In case you haven’t heard (or you’re still living under the outdated genre of classic rock) Skrillex is in NYC this week to perform at five sold out shows in Brooklyn. Last night saw him at the iconic Music Hall Of Williamsburg for the second night of his ‘Takeover,’ where he was joined by fellow bass-based acts Shift K3y and AC Slater.

Both producers received a warm response as they heated things up for the crowd, playing club classics while trying out new material against a well-designed sound space that makes MHW such a desirable destination to jam. As bass and beats flowed out of speakers shaped like diamonds made out of aluminum cans, Skrillex (or at least someone sporting Skrillex specs) would come onstage to videotape the chaos that ensued between set tracks.

As AC Slater finished up his set and made his final shout outs to the crowd, ominous music plays in the background to get the fans pumped up for the next and final act – the one they’ve all been waiting for. Bass plays out in a “dun, dun, duhhhh” kind of fanfare as the oh so familiar visage of black-framed glasses and long black hair makes its way to the stage for the second night of his Brooklyn Takeover.

Immediately one is propelled into Skrillex’s demonic dubstep hypnosis as he belts out his trademark bass drops and shriek beats, which the music industry has come to love and respect him for (you can’t go wrong after six Grammy wins). It truly was a sight and treat to see the 5’4” DJ hop around behind the booths to the beat of his own drum claps, almost like a child at Disneyland. The passion for his profession can be found there, and it’s refreshing to see a producer who can be so active onstage.

Such fun is contagious as the entire venue was hopping around the dance floor with him as we all succumbed to his diverse and consistently energetic set list of original and mainstream hits. There was even one point where Sonny would sing JT’s opening verse in “Holy Grail,” which was followed by remixes of booty shakin’ favorites including “How Low” by Ludicrous and Major Lazer’s “Get Free.” And how could one attend any Skrillex performance without hearing the classics such as “Kyoto” and “Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters.”

Towards the end of his hour-and-a-half play set, Skrillex celebrated Valentine’s Day early by showing his diehard fans some love. It started with him getting an actual sound sample of the crowd’s collective “Heeeeeeeeeeey hooooooo” chants. He then enlisted the entire main room audience into his tour, calling them all his ‘Planetarium Skrillex Choir.’ Whether he will actually be dishing out bus/plane tickets to each and every audience member is another story, but we could still sense the love in his gesture.

The night closed out with another signature remix of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” along with Niki & The Dove’s “DJ, Ease My Mind.” Each was an appropriate send off to one of most epic nights in Brooklyn set performance history. Also be sure to check out his new collaboration with Chance The Rapper at Monday night’s performance (February 10) in Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl.

Photo credit: Brian C. Reilly