Single Stats: 80 Percent of 15 to 25 Year Olds Are Single



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A recent study shows 80% of Americans between the ages of 15 to 25 are single, with a third opting to online dating.

According to WCAX, a survey compiled of 3,485 young adults conducted by InSites Consulting revealed that 8 out of 10 Americans in that specific age group are single, although half of them have dated with the intentions of turning it into a committed relationship.

30% of those tested claimed to be currently involved in the online dating world, while a staggering 10% plan to join online dating soon. The study examines young adults between the ages of 15-25 in the countries of India, France, Brazil and Russia.

Based on the discovery, the average American has his or her first kiss before the age of 15, and by the age of 25, most Americans will have kissed at least seven different people. When it comes to sex,  the average age for an American girl or boy to lose their virginity is 16 years old; slightly younger than the global average.


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