Sochi Hires Private Company To Murder Stray Dogs Ahead Of Olympics

Talk about being cold blooded. Today in “WTF” news, Russian officials in Sochi have decided to contract a private company to kill off the problematic stray dogs that are anticipated to be roaming the Olympics, which start this Friday. Alexei Sorokin is the head of the “pest control firm” that’s been brought on to solve this issue, and he had this to say about it:

The dogs have been causing numerous problems, Sorokin said Monday, including “biting children.”

He said he was stunned last week when he attended a rehearsal for the opening ceremony and saw a stray dog walking in on the performers.

“A dog ran into the Fisht Stadium, we took it away,” he said. “God forbid something like this happens at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country.”

These dogs are often abandoned and almost never sterilized, so they’re constantly breeding. Seems like Russians are taking a reactive stance instead of a proactive one. — Max Weinstein

Via Deadspin