The Sochi Report: Jamaican Bobsled Team Creates New Song For The Olympics


The Jamaican bobsled team was forever immortalized in the 1993 Disney film Cool Runnings, which followed their 1988 pursuit of a Winter Olympics medal at the Calgary, Alberta, Canada games. For the first time in 12 years, the Jamaican bobsled team returns to the Winter Olympics, this time in Sochi, Russia, and they’ve come prepared with a new anthem, called “The Bobsled Song.”

“Download ‘The Bobsled Song’ then press play at the exact moment the Jamaica Bobsleigh Team begins their big race on Feb. 16,” instructs the official website, The song was designed to move with the twist and turns of the Sochi bobsled track. “Every time the song is played, positive vibes are sent to our Jamaican racers in Russia. Here’s to one gold and one platinum.”

Unfortunately, the Jamaican team is in last place following Sunday’s races. Watch the full “The Bobsled Song” video here.