Spahh Day: Boardwalk Empire’s Margot Bingham Talks Breakout Role and Music Career


Margot Bingham Spa Day

How do you feel about your Boardwalk Empire character being in love with a married man?

I mean morally that’s not okay. My parents have been together for 32 years–very much in love, best friends, stronger everyday–and I don’t believe in adultery in any way. But it made it a little easier that in real life, the girl who plays Chalky’s wife is my best friend. It’s weird out of a city full of actors, the one show I do–she’s the wife of the person I’m cheating with.

It’s all pretend, so I had to make sure in my mind I thought it was okay. When you play a character like that, you have to find the justice in it. My reason to believe in the cheating was I just fell in love with Michael [Williams] as a person and as a friend. I tried to not think about the cheating part because to me, we were really in love.

Why do you think the world roots for them?

I think because everybody saw they were so sad and they had similar souls and out of that sadness they came together. They were really one of a kind together–they just fit like a puzzle. It was something very special and different than a normal love affair. It was two lost souls that finally found each other. People can’t help but relate to that.

What’s the best thing  you enjoy about the show being set in the 1920’s?

The name and definition of diva is so skewed today from what it was. Sexy in the 1920s was women that were so empowered and knew their sexuality and could seduce you in a turtle neck. They didn’t have to show skin to be seductive and show sex appeal. It was what they had to offer, their different gifts and their smarts. But today, we give so much away because we think that’s sex or sexy, but everybody’s used to it now.

In the ’20s it was beautiful and now I can live vicariously through these women who made this mold of sex appeal. I started dressing a little bit differently because you found the beauty in something else and unfortunately, we don’t really have that figure in today’s generation to really look up to.