Stream Beck’s New Album ‘Morning Phase’


Six years after his last album of new material, Beck is back with Morning Phase, dropping February 25th on Capitol Records. The project is available to stream on NPR right now. Beck recently told Billboard that his latest album was inspired by a reunion of the band from Sea Change in 2012. In fact, Morning Phase is being called a companion piece to that devastating 2002 album that drew on themes of heartbreak stemming from Beck’s breakup with his longtime girlfriend at the time. “In the interim, a lot of life has happened,” said Beck. Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Joey Waronker, Smokey Hormel, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and Jason Falkner are the musicians that performed on Sea Change and have now returned for Morning Phase. “It’s the same room with the same guys,” says Meldal-Johnsen, “with the same microphones and a lot of the same equipment and the same engineer. We don’t even talk when we start these songs; we just listen and respond. These are the tones and sounds and approaches that come forth from that recipe and these five guys. I think Beck responds to music in that trusting way, where he lets things unfold without judgment.” You can pre-order the new album on Amazon right now, and listen to the album’s final song “Morning Light” below. Beck will be performing some new songs on SNL March 1st as well. — Max Weinstein