Style XT: Wear Your Scarf In 5 New Ways [GIFS]


style xt scarf

Head Scarf 1:


Big scarf
Hair up or short hair


1. Fold your scarf diagonally into triangle.

2. Holding both corners and placing your head down, wrap the widest part of the triangle around your head.

3. Lift your head up. Make sure the scarf is now covering your hair and the top of the triangle is resting on your forehead.

4. Tie both ends of the scarf above your head tight on top of the tip of the scarf, now sealing in your hair.

5. Take the tip of the triangle that is resting on your forehead and place it over where you tied the ends. Tie the ends once more into a bow.

(Optional) You can leave the bow or make it into a knot.

See final look below: