T.I. Details How He Got Young Jeezy And Rick Ross To Squash Their Beef


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T.I. might be the person to give thanks to for mending the relationship between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. The Atlien phoned into MTV on Tuesday (Feb. 11), to not only discuss his role on Showtime’s hit series House of Lies, but delved into just how the aforementioned rappers ended up in the studio together to record “War Ready.” “I ain’t gonna say I brokered peace and got them in the studio, I simply said to one of my closest partners in the game — Young Jeezy — I simply said to him, ‘We done did as much as we can do with this. It’s gone as far as we can take it, ain’t nothing else to do’,” the Trouble Man said. Tip also mentioned that Young Jeezy “ain’t the type of mother—er you can just tell what to do, but if you can present something that makes more sense then what he had, go on, he will give you the opportunity to make it make sense to him. And I think the same for Ross. They exhausted all of their other possible opportunities.” Listen to the audio above.