TIME’s New Facebook App Reveals When You Should Be Married


In the evolving world of technology, where will civilization stand 10 years from now? Especially if we’re witnessing  the birth of an app mechanically functioned to calculate when we’ll be saying our “I Do’s!”

Time staffer, Chris Wilson, created the Facebook app (ironically days before the V-Day terror) which evasively determines whether all your friends secretly think you’re going to be alone forever.

Exactly the information we want to know, right? *side eyes*

TIME’s headlining article, “TIME Can Predict Your Marriage Date,”  officially announced the new innovative app:

” Real-world social networks exert an enormous influence over our attitudes about marriage. This is one reason that Facebook makes some people so unhappy. Watching the parade of our friends’ major life events makes us both envious and lonely.

Given that envy and loneliness are Valentine’s Day’s two chief exports, TIME presents an app that analyzes your Facebook feed to see exactly when your friends are tying the knot—and when it might be time for you to take the plunge.”

We know exactly what you’re thinking. And as disturbed as you may be, we doubt you’ll resist sneaking to review your results!