TJR Reveals His Top 5 DJ Inspirations

Beatport chart topper and certified platinum smash hit-maker TJR is bringing the Bounce to Las Vegas, kicking off his monthly Bounce Nation residency at Surrender at Wynn Las Vegas on February 5.

Your standard Vegas residency this is not, forget the posing and preening, Bounce Nation is about letting loose and getting wild, in short it’s the bacchanalian bash Vegas has been looking for ever since embracing dance culture. February 5th sees the inauguration of Bounce Nation, curated and led by the King of Bounce, TJR. A fun, wild, sexy night, it might also herald an era in which Vegas never again accepts a DJ that simply presses play.

TJR lists his top five DJ inspirations that helped him become the DJ’s DJ he is today. See them on the next page! >>>>>>>>>>>>>