Tom Ford Debuts Jay Z Inspired Dresses (Photos)


Like it or not, you’ve probably caught yourself reciting Jay-Z’s non-sequitur, “I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford.” Since Jay always has a finger on the sensitive pulse of culture, he picked up on the phrase’s popularity and has recently been seen performing at concerts with a shirt that says “Tom Ford” on top and “molly” crossed out at the bottom.

There’s levels to this shit, though. The clothing company is clearly aware of the phrase and must have seen Jay-Z flip their own name on his t-shirt, because as part of his new Fall collection, Ford has introduced “the knock-off of the knock-off” – a sequin dress based on Jay-Z’s shirt based on Jay-Z’s lyrics that reference Tom Ford.

The dress comes in orange and black, both of which you can see below. All hail Jigga as rappers convert from battling in a cipher to battling on fashion runways. — Max Weinstein


via NY Mag