Tony Hawk Names The Best Skateboarding Rapper (In His Opinion)


Rappers like Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne have been on a roll when it comes to their skateboarding prowess.

TMZ Sports cameras caught up with skateboard pro Tony Hawk to get his thoughts on rappers and their skateboarding skills. The 45-year-old legend ended up co-signing Odd Future frontman, Tyler, The Creator.

In Tony’s words, “The best skater that I’ve seen who raps is Tyler The Creator. ‘Cause he really can skate, like he’s legit.”

When asked if he’d seen Lil Wayne skate, Hawk replied with a smile, “A little bit, yeah. I don’t think he picked it up as early. Let’s put it that way.”


Even though Hawk isn’t impressed with Weezy’s skateboarding, the Trukfit-rocking MC can still pull off the skater look.

Catch Tyler’s skills on wheels in a video from last year below.