5 Celeb Couples Who Should Never Reunite


Valentine’s Day is underway and many couples plan to get lovey dovey with romantic dinners, gifts and roses. Well, there are some lovebirds who should have zero candlelight dinners and chocolates in their futures, at least not with each other. With the help of reality TV and TMZ, we’ve watched these celebrity couples’ love deteriorate before our eyes, hoping they’d hear our shouts through the TV to leave each other alone. Here’s a list of former lovebirds who’d be better off not taking any more shots at love. —Tanay Hudson

1. Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose
The break-up to make-up routine for almost a decade has done nothing but put salt on open wounds for these two. After Tahiry rejected Joe’s public proposal in the middle of Time Square, it’s evident that these two have come to the end of their road, which seems like a good thing.

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Dealing with Bieber has lead the Disney star into rehab, but not for drugs. For heartbreak. While Gomez struggles to piece her heart back together, Bieber is living life in the fast lane (literally) with the help of different women along the way. Seems like the struggle is real for the both of them right now, so staying away from each other may be best course.

3. Chris Brown and Rihanna
With Breezy still struggling with anger management and Rihanna having a IDGAF mentality, it’s looking like these two will never-ever and should never-ever reunite (again). After their Twitter battles and slandering of each other’s cliques, they seem to be done for good.

4. Nas and Kelis
After leaving Nas while she was pregnant, and reportedly not telling him she was going into labor, it seems like there’s too much resentment between these two for there to be reconciliation. Following their divorce, Nas declared that Life Is Good, so why jeopardize that by getting back together.

5. Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz
This volatile pair couldn’t leave each other alone during the latest season of Vh1’s Love & Hip-Hop New York. It’s obvious that they’re toxic for each other. The explosive arguments lead to nothing but spiteful acts in their relationship (Remember when Rich gave Erica’s song to Olivia?) that left scars that seemingly will not heal unless they stay away from each other.