Valentine’s Day Special: Kirko Bangz Talks Women, Hoes and More Hoes


Kirko Bangz

What is the one girl you would probably turn down whether it is looks or personality?

Man, personality. I hate girls who be talking down on other people like, ‘look what she got on’ or ‘look at that.’  I hate girls like that.

I was scrolling through your Instagram; how do you deal with all the comments?

I look at every single one of them.


I look at every single one of them, all the time. Sometimes I want to respond; some of them girls be fun, so I be wanting to respond, but it’s like I can’t go nowhere once I respond anyway. So I just be looking.

You aren’t afraid of those ‘You look better on Instagram’ girls?

Oh, that sh*t happened to me before. I had gone to this concert and I never take girls with me. I just be always rocking with my homies cause I’m like I’m gonna find somebody wherever I’m going. So one time I told this one girl to come through. I should have known because she had to catch a taxi to get over there and we in Texas; people don’t catch taxis. She got to the door I was like, “No, sir!” I walked up to her and was like, “aye hold up we gonna be right back, we going to go swimming real fast.”

You got catfished?

She looked bad; she had lipstick on her teeth- it was bad. I was like,  “you did not look like this on Instagram.”  She looked good, but all her pictures be in angles.

So what kind of girl do you prefer?

I like a natural chick. I don’t like that makeup. You could wear a little bit of it, but I hate makeup. I hate when I see a girl and she looks good regular, but when it’s time for her to go out, she be having all that damn makeup on. But you can’t tell her, “you got on a lot of makeup.”