Valentine’s Day Special: Kirko Bangz Talks Women, Hoes and More Hoes


Kirko Bangz

What inspired “Hoe?”

I was just talking about a certain type of female that we have in 2014.  It’s been around forever, actually. I didn’t say it was a bad thing for a female to be a hoe, and I’m aware that, that’s not the only type of woman–I’m not saying all girls are hoes. You have people who go to school, people with jobs like you, people who go to church every day, take care of their kids.  I was raised by a single mother, so I understand the struggle and I glorify a woman that’s getting her job done.  But about them hoes: they’re everywhere. I’m just reporting them. I’m just saying what y’all ain’t saying [or] what y’all say on Instagram, what y’all put in your memes. Im just reporting what’s going on in the world.

Thought about wifing a hoe, but you didn’t know she was a hoe?

When I had a girlfriend, she was a stripper, so that lets you know.

So you love hoes?

No I don’t love hoes! [laughs] I just loved strippers at that point of time.  I told you it was tragic! It wasn’t supposed to go down like that .. I lost myself, but I’m good. I had my ‘in love with hoes’ little problem. Every ni**a done had that;  don’t let them lie to you. I admit to my faults.  I kick it with hoes, but I understand what they are.

Would you respect a chick if she was just like, ” Man, I’m a hoe!”

I know girls to this day who be like that after you do something with them.. They be like, “Damn, I’m such a hoe”.  Man, you know how it is now. Everything is social networks. These [chicks] get on there with a fake ass, get about 15 thousand followers, that’s that [chick] everybody want, she got no school or education. She ain’t got nothing going on for her,  but shit,  she’s famous. She gonna make it like that.

Who’s the bigger whore? Men or women?

Men, for sure. I can f*ck every [chick] I want to fuck, but I’m not going to be a hoe; I’m gonna be a player. But if a girl do that you a hoe, it’s fucked up that it’s like that. A lot of times it’s because dudes are sensitive, so they will be quick to call a girl a hoe, if she don’t want to talk to you no more or she got a new ni**a.

Now I remember Draya said that you can erase your “hoeness.” Is that true?

I mean it is something that you “did;” it is not what [you’re doing]. If you change it up , why can’t we better ourselves? You can come out of jail and get a job or come out of jail and become a rap star. She ain’t about that life no more. I respect it.

What’s your perfect girl?

Somebody that can inspire me and can make me want to be a better person.  Someone who has something going for herself.

You said you were raised by your mom. How does your mom feel about your dating life?

She met the stripper. But my mom, she lets me make my own decisions.  She always let me go through my own thing. When I was in high school, me and mom sat down and we made a list of all the girls I was talking to and it came out to like 19 girls. My mom was like, ‘boy you got a problem.” My mom used to pass out my mixtapes in beauty supply stores while I was in college and I didn’t know. My mom supports everything; the good, the bad; she’s just happy to see her kids turn into something good.

Are you overwhelmed by all that’s happened?

Yeah, like right now, just how everybody responding to me now, it’s crazy. It’s a blessing and a curse. Anytime I’m somewhere with a lot of rappers, I’m like what the f*ck is going on, this is crazy. I always catch myself sitting around ‘like man this shit really happened’. I really can’t believe I m a rapper.