Valentine’s Day Special: Kirko Bangz Talks Women, Hoes and More Hoes


Kirko Bangz

Have you ever been star struck?


By who?

Rihanna. I had a concert and she was there. She was looking at me, too. I saw her back stage and I choked up.

Would you ever give up the groupies?

Give up the groupies, would I? It’s gonna be a sad day, [but] there’s all types of crazy shit that be happening. A groupie stole some money from me 10 racks that was crazy. It’s a great memory though [laughs].

Whats the sexiest thing on a woman?

I’m a titty man [laughs]. I like titties and I like natural hair.

Are you nervous for your debut album?

I just think about sales; you know how the game is. People don’t sell that much. I believe in my music. It’s not so much of the sales of the first album. When everybody buys  and listens to the album, it’s gonna be a baby boom.  Everything I touch after that its gold. I’m a realist, but at the same time Im going to break barriers. This is great music and I feel like people are gonna connect with it [and] with me, people are gonna feel my emotion, and feel where I’m coming from.

Now when you make music;  are you gonna make anything that praises women?

Yeah, on my album there’s plenty of that, it’s all planning. I planned everything that’s happening right now. I gotta a lot of songs on there that they’re gonna feel like, you know how girls feel when Beyonce’s on? I got a couple like that. When they hear that they are gonna feel real good about themselves. They gonna be like that’s my ni**a, I like that ni**a.

Is it gonna be up tempo or you gonna have some slow jams?

I got that too, I got the slow jams, I got variety. I got that shit she can ride to, I got that shit she can get ready to. Lately I put myself around different girls so I can have more material, I go on little dates. Letting them take me to stuff they like to do. Just to be with them and pay attention to the little things that they do.

Do you have any lady guest on your album?

No, but I think I can get Beyonce though. If I get my mind right and my buzz going, in about a couple months. I’m from Houston, she’s from Houston. That would be my career on steroids for sure, it’s going to be crazy because its gonna happen.

Would you be star struck?

Yeah, it would be crazy, that’s one of the moments where I would just fly out here [NY] and give them my cd, no I’d give them my tape and they [going to have to] find a tape deck and I’m gone.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

That I can’t rap, but I can rap, real damn good. I also think a lot of people think that I’m not smart. They just think Im from the south and I just talk, drink, and I don’t know shit which is cool though because I’m way over here with it and you think I’m not. I give you something in the middle and you think I’m getting better but I been this good.

If you could follow one celebrity, their track record with women, with music, what celebrity would that be?

LL Cool J. Because he got all the girls and ni**as thought he was soft but he let ni**as know he could rap circles around their ass.