Vibe Vixen Rents A Gent For V-Day! [Photos]


Rent a Gent

Vixen certainly knows how to heat things up!

We recently heard about the male entertainment website,, and decided to have a few of the gentlemen come by the office to “hang out.” That’s right: for $300/hr, you can rent a guy to accompany you on your lonely ventures; appeasing the single woman still in search of her prince charming.

Surprisingly, they were everything a woman could dream of in a man; good looking, fun, intelligent, talented and oh: they can cook! Romeo (which seems fitting) and Ray showed us why they’re well worth their pricey rate while engaging in two hour play time. What came from this visit? Amazing chocolate chip pancakes, strawberries, whipped cream and a subtle serenade from Romeo (in the blue shirt).

Stripped down in a comfortable setting, the men weren’t intimidated by our aggressive set of questions about the life of an “escort (a term they immediately debunked).”

Flip the pages and let your Rent-A-Gent envy sink in.