Vibe Vixen Rents A Gent For V-Day! [Photos]


Rent a Gent

Where do girls take you on a date?

Ray: Typically like galas or some extravagant event.

Romeo: Yea, I’ve been to museums and most recently the opera.


Do you guys enjoy yourselves? What do you do if you really hate the girl?

Ray: You have to lie. You can’t let the girl know anything is wrong.

Romeo: Yea, but there’s actually good convo to be honest. You end up doing something different or learning something.


What if there isn’t an attraction? Or if she tries to kiss you?

Ray: Oh, we don’t let them do that stuff. I let them know up front sometimes.

Romeo: You gotta be on guard always. But I don’t let that happen. There’s a way to be charming and dance around it.


So sex is completely off limits?

Ray: Absolutely.

Romeo: Yea, a line is drawn.