Vibe Vixen Rents A Gent For V-Day! [Photos]


Rent a Gent

Okay, but say you both had a few drinks. Wait, do you drink on the job?

Romeo: We have a couple of drinks, but not to the point where we’re impaired.

Ray: Yea, we enjoy ourselves, but we don’t become incoherent or a dysfunctional drunk. We drink to have a good time.


Is it possible to fall in love on a date?

Ray: Umm….. it has happened, but you always have to stay professional at the end of the day.


But after the professionalism ends – when you’re off the clock; can you then pursue the woman?

Ray: (laughs) Like I said, we always have to be professional no matter what.

Romeo: Yea, it’s a job. You can’t mix business and pleasure.


Technically, it’s both. So the girls that you meet as escorts; you can’t have a relationship with?

Ray: We’re not escorts.

Romeo: Oh, no – we’re definitely not escorts.


I’m sorry, what is your label?

Ray: We’re entertainers! We don’t escort; that’s a different type of thing.