Vibe Vixen Rents A Gent For V-Day! [Photos]


Rent a Gent

What’s the difference so that people don’t make this mistake again?

Ray: Okay, escorts are like….. I don’t mean to come off this way, but the women we date, these aren’t just your average joes. These women are very wealthy. You saw our rates!


Oh yes! $300/hr! Who is buying men for this rate?

Ray: Yea, so it’s like a targeted market for specific women. It’s not the girls out of college or anything.


So what do you do that’s so different from other men, that these women feel the need to pay a boatload?

Ray: We’re just a form of entertainment for women. Let’s say you want to go to the movies – we’re just another option.

Romeo: Or if you want to go see a show with someone; that’s us.