Vibe Vixen Rents A Gent For V-Day! [Photos]


Rent a Gent

Is there any limitation to what activities you’ll do?

Ray: We’re pretty much down for anything. I’m uncomfortable with heights, but if she wants to skydiving – I’ll do that.


What! You’re willing to risk your life on the job? Skydiving may be a bit much.

Romeo: Listen, you risk your life everyday walking down the street (laughs).


Do you have to be well-versed in different topics for conversational purposes?

Romeo: It helps to know what you’re talking about. You have to be interesting. Some women like politics, some like sports. The topics vary.

Ray: Say for example a woman wants to have a full blown conversation about musicals, I can tell her “look, I don’t know too much on this subject, so you may need to school me.”


What’s the process like for becoming a Rent-A-Gent?

Ray: What I gather is that you want someone who can communicate, because not everyone is social. To be able to converse with all types of women. I know they did a test on us to see if we were put in an uncomfortable position, would we know how to still have a presence in a room.