Vixen Boombox: #BeyonceWorkoutMixtape


DJ Chubb E Swagg, Dj LR, and found a way to introduce our outer lazy to our inner diva with their latest #BeyonceWorkoutMixtape.

The mixtape is tracked out with the best uptempo hits Mrs. Carter has to offer from her Destiny’s Child days to her Yoncé years, and even a little Jay thrown in the mix. With spring rapidly approaching—despite this harsh winter front—we know we have to get our bodies in check. What better way to get tight than with a Beyonce-inspired mixtape? In this hour-long dance down Mrs. Carter lane, the DJ’s promise you’ll get the perfect workout—even if it only consists of recreating her best choreaography.

Now available for download, press play to check out this mix!


Tags: beyonce