Vixen Chat: Ashley Blaine Featherson’s ‘Hello Cupid’ is Back For V-Day


Ashley Featherson

What are you looking forward to with Hello Cupid?

I’m super excited for it. I think it was the perfect time for us to come back. I’m just so grateful for the success that we had with season one. I think that awesome and successful projects come when you don’t have the intention of necessarily getting a whole bunch of views or gaining a ton of exposure. You just want to do good work and I feel like if you do good work and collaborate with awesome and talented people, inevitably people latch on and people will become supporters and fans.

This season is super duper fun and I think jaws are going to drop to the floor even more than the first season. I’m looking forward to exposing new people to Hello Cupid  and continuing to inspire conversations and healthy debates. I want it to continue to empower Black women through seeing honest depictions of themselves on screen.

What are some of your career goals for you future?

I want to be a film, TV and stage actress who actively is inspiring others. Acting and performing is not enough for me. My is goal if I can inspire one little girl, especially one that looks like me, to achieve and chase her dream and know that they’re attainable, then I’ve done my job. This year, I really want to continue to make head way in film; at least one other film. I want to book a TV show. I want to eventually have my own television show; not like “The Ashley Show.” I would love to have the longevity of a show like Friends.