Vixen Chat: Being Mary Jane’s Latarsha Rose Talks Working with Gabrielle Union and Tackling Mental Illness


BET's New Series "Being Mary Jane" Los Angeles Premiere


Who’s your favorite cast member?

We’re one big happy  family to be honest. I laugh with all of them. We can tease one another, so it is definitely the whole cast.


Who is the funniest on set?

Definitely Gabrielle Union and Omari Hardwick– they keep the whole crew laughing.


Are there any similarities between you and Dr. Lisa?

I think I am learning things from her. She works hard, but I think she struggles with uncertainty–the what ifs, the who  am I, where am I.  She struggles with living in the moment; she’s so focused, but she doesn’t enjoy the moment. Just live in the moment Dr. Lisa! I want to tell her that  (laughs). In terms in what I relate to–being a professional woman, being so focused on the world, and  finding that balance.