Vixen Chat: Being Mary Jane’s Latarsha Rose Talks Working with Gabrielle Union and Tackling Mental Illness



What’s it like working with Gabrielle Union?

She is so quick, so honest and she’s fun and her range is so great– especially with her character. She’s down to earth, but very serious. Then she’s playful, then she is vulnerable. She is navigating all these different states of being. She is so present and in the moment. She’s  also very generous – generous with her work and advice.


During one episode, your character attempted suicide. We appreciate that BMJ tackled the issue of mental illness, which is very taboo in the black community. What are your thoughts?

I think we don’t talk about it enough and often times we are encouraged to just “deal with it.” There are so many stresses that we deal with and we’re constantly hearing things that we are not able to quiet ourselves. And we’re not equipped to deal with everything we’re bombarded with and I think it is important for us to discuss mental health–how to manage stress, building the skill sets to deal with the ups and downs of life, etc. I think it was courageous of Mara to address this issue and I hope we are able to explore more of it.