Vixen Chat: ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Actress Stephanie Beatriz on Andy Samberg and a Single Girl’s Guide to L.A.


 Stephanie Beatriz

VIBE Vixen: You have a theatre degree from Stephens College, which happens to be a women’s school. How much of an influence does your single sex education have on you today?

S: I can definitely say that it had an effect on me. It was very women-centric and a very positive environment. Not only was I surrounded by other artists that were women, but we all had voices and were allowed to share those voices and opinions.  For me, it was just the right thing at the right time. I come from Texas, which has the reputation of being kind of close minded.

What was the first movie or play that really inspired you to be an actress?

A Little Princess–my sister and I could not get enough of it. We ran the tape into the ground back in the VHS days because it was so beautiful and moving. I know the story and I’ve seen the Shirley Temple version, but Alfonso’s [Cuaron] version was so magical. I just remember thinking, “I want to do that–to make other people feel those feelings.”

Explain Brooklyn Nine Nine to those who don’t watch.

It is a The Office style comedy…a workplace comedy. It is about all these detectives that work in this office and all their personalities are different. They are forced to be together at work, but on top of the comedy stuff, you have the action side of being a police officer, which is really fun. If you ever watched Parks & Recreation then you know the vibe.

Tell us about your character.

Rosa–I would describe her as a completely unapologetic bad ass.  She is really tough; a woman of very few words. The character description is tough, sexy and scary as hell. She is really like a beast, which is great as a woman to play that kind of part because you don’t see that very often.

What is it like working alongside SNL alum Andy Samberg?

Andy is extremely focused and really smart. He’s always working hard to make the script better. He never stops…I never know when he rests. He makes it look like he is this funny goofy guy, but that is coming from a really planned smart place. He’s also a sweet guy—and humble and absolutely driven in his art form.