Vixen Chat: ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Actress Stephanie Beatriz on Andy Samberg and a Single Girl’s Guide to L.A.


Stephanie Beatriz

Why should we be watching?

Brooklyn Nine Nine is hella entertaining. It’s this little universe in which you will see a lot of people that you already know–a lot of those characters are elements of people that you know already. You work with them, you know them and they’re your friends. All of the people who work in that office are slightly messed up, but embrace each other’s weird sh*t. It is just so fun to watch.

Another thing that I love about it is that different types of people watch it. I had a girl come up to me in Disneyland and was like, “Oh my God, Rosa– me and boyfriend watch the show all the time.” It’s not a girl show or guy show.

So it’s a show for everyone?

Yes, I hate to sound cheesy, but I don’t really care.  I stand behind it.

The show took home two awards at this year’s Golden Globes (“Best Actor” and “Best Comedy Series”). What was that day like?

It was my first award show ever. This is only my second year in LA, so it was a pretty big deal for me. I was super nervous.

What was getting ready beforehand like?

I woke up really early, all stressed out. I was lucky enough to have my best friend around who is a makeup artist. She came in from New York, did my makeup and we started early in the morning. It was very surreal.  I was staring at the ceiling in this limo, one of those really cheesy ones–the one with fake stars on the ceiling. I’m staring at these cheesy stars and then get a glimpse of palm trees in the window.  I’m like, “What is happening? What is this?” It was very bizarre.

Were you star struck by anyone?

Meryl Streep walked by our table. I totally freaked and it was fun (laughs).