Vixen Chat: Kandi Burruss Dishes on RHOA Drama, ‘Let Them Love’ and Sex Advice for Valentine’s Day


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker

What is one thing fans of the show would be surprised to know about Todd?

Todd is laid back on the show, but he’s a very strong, opinionated dude. He’s definitely the man of our household and he lets it be known how he wants things to be. People look at me as an aggressive businesswoman and I guess they don’t understand that I do give him the utmost respect as the man of our house. He’s a great, smart, business-minded person.


Would you say you both maintain a traditional home?

I think our household is traditional. Even though I do make more money, he still…wants to be the one who pays the bills and that’s fine by me. And it’s traditional as in I do give him the utmost respect. Now one thing that I will say; if I want to have friends over he’ll say, ‘I don’t think we need to have all these people over the house and blah blah blah,’ but when his friends come over, everything’s all good. It’s such a double standard.


Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?

Yea, it’s going to kind of be a work weekend. I know it sounds crazy, but he’s cool with it because we’re going to go to New Orleans; Toya, Rashida, myself and Phaedra. We’re all going to be doing things. I may have a Bedroom Kandi pop-up shop at Toya’s store there. And we’re going to be hosting different parties. There’s just going to be the four of us couples kicking it and getting some money at the same time.