Vixen Chat: Kandi Burruss Dishes on RHOA Drama, ‘Let Them Love’ and Sex Advice for Valentine’s Day


Bedroom Kandi

If you had to suggest a Bedroom Kandi product for single ladies, what would it be?

‘Happiness and Joy’ is great because it’s a duel stimulating vibrator/personal massager. And it’s the bomb because it vibrates on the inside and the outside, so both your spots tickle at the same time and then it also vibrates to music. I personally love the ‘Candy Pop’ or the ‘Lipstick;’ most women like it because it doesn’t look like a vibrator.


For couples?

There’s multiple things I would suggest for couples. For one, I love our edible massage oil candles. When you burn them, they smell good, but as they melt, they turn into massage oil and you can pour it directly on the body and it feels good when you rub it in. You can also lick it directly off the body and it’s vegan friendly. The ‘Rise and Shine’ goes around the base of the man’s penis and it keeps them harder longer, but then on the outside, it definitely feels good on the woman. Another product I suggest is ‘Make Me Over.’ When you take the little vibrator out of the case, it looks like a powder puff, but the diameter is a nice width. You know how the powder puff for your face has a little handle on it? Let’s say he’s hitting it from the back; he can put that in his hand and hold it up against your clitoris in the front. It’s an amazing feeling because a lot of men really don’t know where that spot is on the outside, but because it’s so wide, it doesn’t matter. As long as he’s in the vicinity, it’s the right spot.


Are there plans to expand the line?

Yea, we’re getting new products every day. We have Bedroom Kandi consultants, so we do our big convention every year in August. Most of those items are for our in-home party network, so the women have special items that they get to sell that you can’t buy in the store. If anybody is interested in being a consultant, we have the program out there because a lot of the women that are Bedroom Kandi consultants are getting like 50 percent of everything we sell.


If you could provide one piece of bedroom advice for Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

Always be open-minded and try new things. A few extra little goodies or extra toys in the bedroom only make it better. I feel like guys are afraid of toys. If you want to introduce toys in the bedroom, I would never get a vibrator that looks like a penis because that’s intimidating to men. I would try to get something like small items that are just to hold on the clitoris because they won’t feel intimidated because they know you’re not trying to replace them.