Vixen Chat: Letoya Luckett Talks ‘Single Ladies’ and Upcoming Album

Letoya Luckett

Allow Letoya Luckett to re-introduce herself. Armed with a lucrative solo career and budding acting resume, this burgeoning starlet is proof that with age comes wisdom and her time is now. As Felicia on Single Ladies, her fictional counterpart also compliments her renewed boss status and personal success: “I could go on for days on how she’s inspired me.”  While some women are settling down and starting families, this independent woman is redefining what it is to be patient and wait Until Then.

Chatting with the very grounded and beautiful LeToya was a pleasure. She shared deets on her Single Ladies role and its perception to TV audiences. “Once you overlook her little cold side, I think you will see her as just an awesome established woman,” she revealed to us about loving her stern alter ego.  She also spoke on her album and hair color, something we are definitely fans of  (“It has definitely boosted my confidence”).

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Photo Courtesy of Artist