Vixen Chat: Letoya Luckett Talks ‘Single Ladies’ and Upcoming Album

Letoya Luckett

VIBE Vixen: How did getting your role come about?

Letoya Luckett:  I went in originally to audition for one of the other roles and ended up leaving with this role. I guess this one was just meant to be and I thought it was going to be a little harder because I felt the way it was written, I would have to play an older role but I was just like “you know what, I’m going to make this my own thing.”

I didn’t want to play Felicia so hard and cold that people wouldn’t like her or hate her because she was angry all of the time. I wanted to add just a little bit of comedy and you know the fashion. I wanted to make sure all of that made sense, so I hope you guys see her like that instead of being like “oh my gosh she is evil.”

What do you love the most about Felicia?

I always say this: it’s her confidence. I think a lot of the time confident women are misunderstood. We are made to feel in this society that women shouldn’t walk around with our heads up or have an opinion and Felicia is like “Forget that, I am who I am and you are going to love me regardless; matter of a fact, you might want to be me a little bit.” And from that, I feel that all women should be confident and just be proud of who they are and who God made them to be. Once you overlook her little cold side, I think that you will see her as just an established, accomplished and awesome woman who’s worked hard to get to where she is today.

How similar and different are you from her?

I’m confident like her. My approach would be different than her’s…like in the way she talks to her employees. I love her sense of fashion; it’s so simple and chic. You’ll notice she’s always in black and black’s my favorite color. She might spruce it up with a hint of white every once in a while; she might even give you red, but that’s it. So, I think as far as the whole fashion sense, we’re both very similar and we’ve both worked hard to get to where we are. I just might have a little bit of a softer approach. I think you’d rather work for me than for Felicia.

Photo Credit: VH1 Press