Vixen Chat: Letoya Luckett Talks ‘Single Ladies’ and Upcoming Album

Letoya Luckett

What impact would you like your role to have on women?

 I think women are wonderful at juggling so many different things, but at the same time God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. I think at times we allow the other stuff to get in the way and we have to understand that if we are not healthy, we can’t be great for something else. We have to fulfill, uplift and love ourselves.  Go start that business. Felicia has her own company. She has all these different employees and is able to manage all these different artists. Nothing’s stopping her and I feel like we all should have that. She’s inspired me by just playing her. When I get my lines and I’m like “she’s said that,” you have to have a certain type of umph to let that come out your mouth. We tend to care and be people pleasers and she’s not a people pleaser type of person and I found myself doing that for several years of my life. I can go on for days on how she’s inspired me.

Who’s the most fun to work with on the cast?

Everybody is so different and everybody brings something awesome to that set. I don’t have a favorite so to speak. Lesley-Ann Brandt who plays Naomi [Cox] is awesome . She’s also a new cast member that plays a mean girl, but she is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Me and her are like the best of friends now. I am blessed to not only be apart of this cast, but to have been able to bring a great friend home. Damien [Wayans] is hilarious, you already know. Charity [Shea] is just silly, cool and laid back. I enjoy working with everybody, Honey—I’m just happy to be there.

Will you be doing more acting in the future?

Absolutely! I love it. I am very passionate about it just as I am with my music. I hope there are more projects I can do in the future. I’m definitely studying the craft and it’s something that I want to do long term. You learn something everyday through each experience and process.

Photo Credit: Instgram